Last week I wrote a piece on life, and how it’s measured by the relationships we have.  I stressed the importance of keeping differences from getting big enough to break friendships.  But I wanted to make sure my readers don’t come away with a one-sided view of issues and conflict.  This world is a harsh […]

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Life is not a series of events.  It’s not a chronology of happenings. It’s not even a collection of experiences. Life is a celebration. You could almost say it’s one big party.  And no, I’m not talking about alcohol, drugs, and bad choices.  I’m talking about spending time with people you love, and people who […]

HBC Carolers

“Call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.” – Matthew 1:21b. In all of recorded history, few words have conveyed so much hope as these instructions given to Joseph before the birth of Christ. The Christmas season is full of purchases and pine trees.  It’s steaming with tasty pastries and […]


Life is a series of moments.  Most of those moments are rather dull.  They slowly tick by while we sleep.  They gradually slip away as we type up a term paper for school.  They stubbornly stick around as we ring up hundreds of human zombies at Starbucks.  And they seem to last an eternity as […]

Ant Working

I used to write long, several page essays on this blog.  But recently I’ve discovered something profound.  The days of depth are dwindling.  Now please don’t take this farther than I mean it.  I’m not saying that no one is willing to sit down and read a long, well-written piece about the relationship between time […]


Hitler wasn’t born the way we remember him. I don’t know anything about his childhood, but I’m guessing he wasn’t thinking about murdering Jews as a preschooler.  A couple of poor choices here and a few heartless friends there, and one of the most notorious criminals in history was created.  I’m sure if you could […]


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